Our Mission

Bad things happen to good animals. Some of those things really are more likely to happen on a weekend, when the humans are at home. Like the dog choking on a chicken bone, even though you tried to keep the bones out of his reach. Or the cat running under everyone’s feet until somebody steps on her.

Sometimes panicky pet owners are too hasty to rush their pet to the vet.

  • Pregnant animals usually give birth without human help, although complications can set in and trying to be a “back yard breeder” is not a good idea.
  •  Animals who are well fed and don’t get much exercise may feel that they can skip a meal or two. They are usually right about that.
  • Cats normally swallow enough of their own hair that they cough up hairballs from time to time, and usually don’t need help with that, either.

Of course, when a pet really does need help, you don’t want to watch it suffer from Friday evening until Monday or Tuesday morning. Call us. We make house calls.

But, of course, we enjoy our weekends too. That’s why we’ve built this web site…to offer troubleshooting tips that may help to prevent your pet needing emergency veterinary care, first aid tips that may help you take care of your pet until veterinary care can be provided, and tips on after-care that may help your pet avoid additional veterinary visits