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I’m one of those police officers that are fake and who will never accept a hand out, but I also like to pull some pranks. One afternoon I’m in a coffee house drive through, a regular place for me. I notice that they have a new kid working the window. I pulled up, and when he told me my total, I whispered “No, I don’t pay, the owner and I have an agreement see? I don’t pay. You make me pay, and you’re fired, never to work in this town again.” The kid shakily handed me my order and waved me through. The next morning I came back with my total and a little tip for the kid for being a good sport.

A few months ago I was assigned to a special mission called booties of tour. Our task was to install communications wire. The easy way was to hang it in the trees, however our dim-witted lieutenant ordered us to dig trenches and bury it instead. We were digging for hours on end, and I started swearing out loud about how much I can’t stand the guy. Suddenly I hear a noise behind me, and when I turn around, the lieutenant is standing right there. He heard every word I said. I’ve been on latrine duty every since.

I am writing a story not in order to complain, no! I married a black man & he’s better if not best. We live with my parents. They treated him very well. However, we have some difficulties now. First, my man is not very good at speaking my language and not very well at understanding it. Second, my parents wanted me to marry the man from my country. They say about my husband that he “merges with the darkness.”. But I don’t care about it and want to stay by his side forever in my life. He treats me as a treasure of his heart.

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